Day 4 – Museums Are My Favorite Places


Yes, it is true. While in the States, I don’t really go out of my way to make a trip to any museum. This may be partly due to laziness, but the main reason is because of the money it costs to enter any of the museums around and away from my area. Luckily, London knew just what to do with that qualm. Most of the London museums are free to the public, except for maybe an extra couple pounds to get into a specific limited-engagement exhibit, and that means that they are full of people. There is something amazing about seeing museums filled with wondrous artifacts and ideas just teeming with people eager to see those items. It makes the whole atmosphere more authentic, in a sense. People go to these museums because they actually want to see great art and monuments; you can tell from the avid picture-taking and gawking from afar.

Because Jen, Nicole, and I have gone to the Natural History Museum already, we decided to traipse on down to the British Museum. By far, this is my favorite museum out of the ones we’ve visited. They had so many amazing pieces (including the Rosetta Stone!). The building itself is so large that we have to go back to finish the rest of it, but I certainly don’t mind. I was constantly stunned by beautiful clocks, intriguing artwork, gruesome mummies, and strange stone horse heads. It is truly a place not to be missed!

After a rather brisk jaunt through the museum’s gift shop, we departed for Oxford Circus to do some impromptu shopping. Primark was our first stop and I purchased a pair of navy blue cat printed pajama bottoms and a maroon-and-white Hogwarts jumper (ooh that British terminology!). I have no post-purchase regrets. Then, after an extensive search through Primark’s three (or is it four?!) floors, we headed into Boots for necessities. As we exited Boots, I spotted a vibrant sign for Waterstones, the British equivalent of Barnes & Noble. Guess who went inside and guess who bought something? Yep, me.

I leafed through plenty of books and smelled them to make sure they were quality, but the only book I picked up and bought was “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” by J.K. Rowling. Now, you’re probably thinking “hey, you can buy that in the States!” and yes, you would be right. However, I don’t own any copy of this little book and thought a London-purchased copy would be perfect. I’m not sure if all of the editions have this, but my edition has scribbles in the margins from Harry, Ron, and Hermione that offer insight into the content each in their own ways. I am truly in love with this little companion book, and no I am not in the least bit embarrassed to say so.

We decided the trip home would be better done on the bus seeing as we had bags, but the cards were not in our favor. There was an accident (my guess is a horrible one) on one of the streets our bus was set to go down and the police blocked off the street completely with police tape. We sat at a light for at least a half hour watching it go green to amber to red to amber to green over and over again. We almost debated hopping off the bus and catching the Tube, but we ultimately remained on the bus. After a quick (she said sarcastically) U-turn, our bus took us on an accidental scenic tour of some beautiful churches and architectural structures that we wouldn’t have gotten to see otherwise. So, I guess, every moment has a silver lining. Though, I do feel bad for whoever was injured in the accident.

As I finish this blog post, I return from the second fire alarm of the night. I am tired, exhausted, beat. Goodnight, world!


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