Day 14 – Shakespeare Begins


Wednesday and Thursday yielded nothing worth noting in blog form (though some people may argue that everything is worthy), so I apologize for not posting. But Friday? Oh, man, did exciting things happen!

Friday began my Shakespeare class, something I’ve been looking forward to all week. I sat down in a lecture hall FILLED with freshers and associate students, the air thick with anxiety. I, however, was ready to go! Romeo and Juliet? Bring it on! The class began with a clip from BBC favorite Doctor Who, one involving Martha and the tenth Doctor going to the Globe Theatre in the actual time of Shakespeare. It was a pretty interesting way to begin the lecture. I will say I have my doubts about the class considering I’ve already read two of the plays we’ll be covering, but there’s always room to learn something new. In just the first lecture and seminar, I already learned a bunch of new information about R&J that I hadn’t learned or thought of before. I’m excited to continue!

After class, Jen and I headed out to Green Park station to get to the ever-esteemed Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen and extended Royal Family. We bought our tickets last week for a certain time and we got there just minutes before. We walked right through, wandered through airport-level security, and continued into the gorgeous Palace. Only caveat: you can’t take any pictures. With this in mind, we picked up our free audio tours and clicked the green arrow button; we were off!

The tour was fantastic and definitely worth the 18 pounds (student discount). Our tour only involved the State Rooms and not the Gardens, but it was still fantastic. It felt so surreal to walk in the very building that the Queen resides! The place where royal childhoods were had and fostered… it was all so amazing and dreamlike. I still don’t feel like I was truly there.

The gift shop was pretty cool as well; I purchased some gifts/souvenirs for family members and bought myself an adorable stuffed Corgi (I named him Poppy) with a little Buckingham Palace medallion around his neck. It’s safe to say that I am properly obsessed with him and do not regret the 15 pounds I paid for him.

After the visit to the Palace, we traveled to a Pret a Manger for dinner (the chipotle avocado chicken wrap wasn’t good D:) and then headed across the street to Harrods to look and NOT touch. I’ll probably reserve an in-depth talk about Harrods for a later time; it needs much more than a sentence mention. Let’s just say it’s the type of store where people actually go and pay 10+ pounds for ice cream. And bring their children. And pay 8 pounds for their ice cream. It’s strange and intriguing.

We gave Harrods a fair shake (though we didn’t get to hit every floor and every room) and decided it was time to head back. That is, until we saw that the Museum of Natural History had a science-y after hours event. We simply had to stop in! There were scientists and specialists spread about the museum (which is quite large in itself) talking about all types of things, from the flu virus to venomous snakes. There were drinks available for purchase as well as snack things, and naturally people left their rubbish all over the museum. I’m not sure if the museum sanitation staff appreciate the mess, but the event itself was quite cool.

It had been a long day, so we retired as soon as we entered our rooms. I gave my parents a call, tried to map out a Tube itinerary for an expedition later in the week, and happily fell asleep. Saturday proved to be an eventful day as well, so thank goodness I got a good night’s sleep! You’ll hear about it soon enough.


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